CVC RePiping                                                                                    

When you are experiencing problems with the water pipes in your home in Cape Coral or the surrounding area, you may need a full Re-Piping of your home using CPVC corrosive free piping. The experts at Bergau Plumbing can help you!  We will come to your home and provide you with a Free, No Obligation, Estimate of the re-piping cost.  Or once there, and we see that a re-pipe is not necessary, our professionals will happily inform you of this, and provide you with an estimate for only the repairs needed to fix the problem.  Bergau Plumbing technicians are experts in this area, and we offer fair pricing estimates.


Bergau plumbing only uses FlowGuard Gold CPVC to re-pipe your entire home, there is no better choice than a FlowGuard Gold plumbing system.  Don’t you want the peace of mind knowing that your plumbing will last, and it is durable, corrosion and scale resistant.


Bergau Plumbing has been serving Cape Coral and the surrounding areas for the past 40 years, with a well-trained staff of technicians to provide you with the level of service and quality you deserve from the best. Our workmanship is guaranteed and we offer competitive pricing. Call Bergau plumbing today for your free estimate 239-574-6556


Florida’s warm climate helps bacteria grow faster than in cooler northern climates. Therefore, Chlorine is added to keep the water safe to drink, but the added Chlorine combined with hydrogen sulfide and oxygen create a corrosive combination that can quickly affect your copper pipe in a short period of time. Homes that are on well systems with high levels of sulfur are also another area of concern.


These chemistry changes unrelated to water quality have caused the water to become aggressive towards the copper piping.


Pinhole leaks


A pinhole leak is a final breakthrough of the pitting corrosion on copper water pipes. A copper water plumbing system can be in a condition of having significant damage internally of pitting and corrosion that you cannot see.  Internal pitting and corrosion of copper pipe is a costly problem that leads to the formation of pinhole leaks. It is well recognized that the chemistry of the water traveling through the copper pipes can influence the formation of internal pits.


Hot or warm spots in the floor, soaked carpeting, ceilings, walls, or abnormally high water bills could be a sign of failing copper pipes.