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Backflow Installation & Testing

Southwest Florida’s water supply is a very precious commodity and needs to be protected today more than ever.

Backflow Installation and Testing in Southwest Florida

Here in Lee County, we take clean, running water for granted. In our homes and businesses, clean, clear, drinkable water flows from every faucet. We wash our clothes with potable water. We take showers in drinkable water. However, clean water doesn’t just happen. It’s possible through a complex combination of safety measures, and a backflow preventer is a key part of that protective system. Furthermore, in Lee County, those protective systems are regulated by law.

And for good reason. While clean water flows freely into our homes and businesses, once water is used or exposed to cleansers or chemicals, it is no longer pure. If that water shifts direction in the plumbing, drinking water mixes with water full of contaminants. In the plumbing and water purification industries, this is known as backflow.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the term used for the flow of contaminated water back into the main potable (or drinkable) water supply. Backflow pushes untreated water into the treated water supply, presenting major health concerns

When water enters your home from the main water supply line, it should flow in one direction: into your home. However, when pressure changes occur in the pipes, it can cause water to flow backwards and seep back into the main water supply line.

There are two main causes of backflow in plumbing – back pressure and back siphonage. Back siphonage is the more common concern. It occurs when the pressure in the water supply becomes smaller than the pressure in the plumbing system.

For example, backflow might happen when the main water line breaks, causing dramatic drops in pressure. The same issues may occur when a fire hydrant is opened. When the water pressure drops significantly, not only does water stop pushing forward into your home, it can also flow backwards into the city water lines.

When backflow contaminates the public drinking supplies, things like fertilizer, pesticides, food waste, human waste, chlorine, soaps, and cleaning solutions can show up in the water.

Your Cape Coral or Lee County Business or Residence Must Have a Functioning Backflow Prevention System

Our local water departments have implemented new requirements for installing backflow prevention devices on water supply lines entering your home or business. A backflow preventor is a device that’s installed on your pipes that allows water to flow in one direction, but never in the opposite direction. It is installed to prevent drinking water from being contaminated due to backflow.

Lee County Utilities requires the use of a backflow prevention system to help protect the area’s drinking water system from potential contamination. Per Lee County ordinances;

“No water service connection to any premises, facility, or area shall be installed or maintained unless the public potable water supply system is protected as required by State and local rules and regulations, and LCU’s Cross Connection Policy. All controlled and uncontrolled cross-connections, either actual or potential, to the potable water system shall be protected by an approved cross connection control assembly.”

A backflow regulator is an approved cross connection control. It’s basically a one-way gate that allows water from the city’s public water supply to flow into your piping but stops water if it ever tries to flow backwards into the main water supply.

Newer homes usually have built-in backflow preventers on the appropriate water lines. However, to confirm the presence of proper backflow preventers on the required water lines, Bergau Plumbing suggests an inspection. Our experienced technicians can identify the presence and functionality of your backflow preventer and install missing backflow preventers if it’s needed.

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Bergau Plumbing is happy to help you schedule your testing, inspection or repair of your backflow prevention device. Call us at 239-766-4170 to make an appointment.

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We will be happy to help you schedule your testing, inspection or repair of your backflow prevention device TODAY! Call us at 239-766-4170 to make an appointment.

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Plumbing Challenges and Repiping Options in Cape Coral and Lee County

Home plumbing is constructed to last for decades, but no system lasts forever. If you live in an older home, you may have pipes that are worn, prone to breaks and leaks, and have accumulated mineral deposits.

People who live in Southwest Florida must content with accelerated corrosion. Because Florida’s warm, humid climate helps bacteria grow faster than in cooler northern climates, water sources are usually treated with chlorine. When this chlorine combines with hydrogen sulfide and oxygen, it becomes corrosive, especially in plumbing using copper pipe.
Homes that use well systems with high levels of sulfur can also experience accelerated deterioration rates.

Whether you need a small amount of repiping done to replace a few bad pipes, or you need to have a complete pipe replacement, you can trust the work to Bergau Plumbing. Our licensed plumbers replace all of the existing pipes with top-quality materials and our workmanship is guaranteed.

Signs You May Need Repiping in Southwest Florida

For most homes and businesses, plumbing is almost invisible. It’s difficult for a layman to assess the state of your plumbing, which is why you should call a trusted, reputable plumbing expert like Bergau to do a complete inspection.

However, there are some signs you should look for that may indicate that a partial or complete repiping is in order.

Frequent or Repeated Leaks

If you are calling the plumber again and again to fix leaks and cracks in different parts of your home, you may be dealing with a system that is deteriorated and needs replacement. While every structure is different, if you have repaired three or more leaks in the past six months, you may need to get your home or business repiped.

Less obvious signs of failing plumbing include:

  • Decreased water pressure, or consistently low water pressure
  • A spike in water bills with no noticeable change in water usage
  • Smelling or seeing recurring mold or mildew

It’s also important to remember that copper piping in Southwest Florida can build up corrosion that breaks through the surface, creating recurring pinhole leaks. If you find bluish-greenish corrosion on copper piping, call the trust experts at Bergau Plumbing to assess your piping.

If Your Home or Business was Built Before 1980

While every structure is different, many homes or businesses need to be repiped about every 40 years. Homes with PVC pipes can expect a much longer lifespan, but if the building’s plumbing is made of brass, galvanized steel, cast iron, or copper, you may need to replace it.

The average lifespans of various types of piping in Florida are:

  • PVC: Indefinitely
  • Brass: 40-70 years
  • Galvanized steel: 20-50 years
  • Cast iron: 25-30 years
  • Copper: 10-20 years

If Your Plumbing Pipes are Visibly Corroded

Once you start seeing widespread corrosion on your home’s plumbing piping, it’s time to think about repiping.

Visible signs of corrosion can include rust-colored water coming from the faucets or spotted in your water appliances. You may notice rust-colored powder or markings on the pipes, flaking, or dimpling. Structures with copper piping may notice bluish-greenish tinting.

Note: If rust is only present in hot water, the culprit may be a rusted out water heater—not the piping.

If you’re unsure of the state of your pipes, or if you need to determine if the rust is coming from your pipes or the municipal water supply, call the trusted experts at Bergau Plumbing for a professional evaluation.

Polybutylene Pipes Should be Replaced Regardless of Condition

From 1978 to 1995, homes in Florida and around the country installed polybutylene pipes. This inexpensive plastic has turned out to be easy to rupture. This defect led to a Class Action Settlement, and polybutylene pipes are no longer accepted by U.S. building codes.

If you suspect you have polybutylene pipes in your home, call the trusted experts at Bergau for a complete evaluation.

We Offer Free Estimates in Southwest Florida

When you are experiencing problems with the water pipes in your Cape Coral or Lee County home, the pros at Bergau Plumbing can help. We’ll examine your pipes. In some cases, our service technicians may determine that a repiping is unnecessary. In those cases, Bergau provides you with an estimate for the less extensive repairs needed to fix the problem. Bergau Plumbing technicians are recognized experts in repiping. Call Bergau Plumbing today for your free estimate 239-766-4170.

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In some cases, our service technicians may see that a re-pipe is not necessary. In those cases, our professionals will happily inform you of this, and provide you with an estimate for only the repairs needed to fix the problem. Bergau Plumbing technicians are experts in this area, and we offer fair pricing. Call Bergau Plumbing today for your free estimate 239-766-4170.

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Clogged Drains & Sewers

Lee County’s Choice for Repairing Clogged Drains and Sewers

Modern plumbing allows us to have homes with multiple drains, showers, hot and cold running water in many different rooms, flushing toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and even ice machines. But if any part of that plumbing system becomes clogged, cracked, or collapses, indoor plumbing will quickly start to fail.

In fact, clogged pipes and drains are some of the most annoying issues homes and businesses in Cape Coral and Lee County can face. While some clogs can be fixed immediately, others are more complicated to repair. To add to the complexity, clogs and cracks can happen in underground pipes, or in pipes that are buried in concrete.
That’s why the plumbing experts at Bergau can clean your drain quickly using the latest equipment. We’re able to completely resolve your drain issues so your plumbing is flowing freely once again.

We Repair Leaking or Collapsed Drains

Sometimes, the main sewer line can become clogged or even collapse. That’s when you need to call the expert technicians at Bergau Plumbing. We respond quickly to drain and sewer problems in Cape Coral, Lee County, and Southwest Florida. Call us immediately if you notice any of these four signs of clogged and collapsed drains, including;

  1. Frequent Backups in Your Drains
    If your drain clogs repeatedly, especially in the lowest level of your home, it could come from a break or blockage in your sewer pipe. Call Bergau Plumbing to analyze your issues.
  2. More Than One Fixture is Clogged
    If you find that more than one fixture, such as a toilet or shower drain, keeps clogging, you may have a larger sewer line issue. The trusted technicians at Bergau can analyze and repair the problem.
  3. Unusual or Unexpected Plumbing Issues
    If you are experiencing unexpected or unusual reactions when using plumbing fixtures, including getting shower back up when you flush the toilet, bubbling in the toilet water, or loud gurgling when the toilet flushes or the shower drains, call the experts at Bergau Plumbing.
  4. Changes in Your Lawn
    Your sewer line typically runs from your home to a main line under the street or beyond. If your sewer line has a break, you’ll often seen an indentation on your lawn, or soggy or muddy patches in one area of the lawn.

When you spot any of these four signs, or experience leaking because of collapsed drains, call Lee County’s first choice for plumbing repairs; Bergau Plumbing. We will troubleshoot leaking or collapsed drains in Cape Coral and throughout Southwest Florida. We can often repair the problem on the spot.

We Use Video Inspections to Identify Your Plumbing Issues

Bergau Plumbing’s technicians are equipped with the latest detection technology. We use video pipe inspections to identify issues in your plumbing system that might otherwise go undetected. Our cameras are especially helpful when it comes to inspecting pipes that are located underground, buried in cement, or lying within your home’s foundation. And because video inspections are extremely fast and accurate, they can save you money by providing solutions for problems before they get out of hand.

Trust Bergau to Fix Drain Obstructions or Root Intrusions

If you have a drain obstruction or a tree root intrusion, we have rooter equipment and anti-root bacterial agents to clear your pipes and get them functioning again. It is important with a root intrusion to use a video camera inspection within the line to make sure there are not any other obstructions or any other roots further down the line.

We Install New Sewer Lines and City Connections in Cape Coral and Lee County

Bergau Plumbing can install your new sewer lines or make a new connection to the city sewer.

Schedule A Plumbing Repair Appointment

The plumbing experts at Bergau will be happy to help you schedule your testing, inspection or repair of your drain and sewage issues. Call us at 239-766-4170 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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We will be happy to help you schedule your testing, inspection or repair of your drain & sewage issues TODAY! Call us at 239-766-4170 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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Hot Water Heaters

When you turn on your shower and there is no hot water, or the hot water runs out too quickly, it can ruin your day! Don’t worry, just call the Hot Water Heater experts at Bergau Plumbing and we can have your hot heater fixed or replaced in no time. Same day service is often available!

Hot Water Heater Issues in Southwest Florida

Hot water is an important part of any home in Cape Coral or Lee County. Even though we get lots of warm weather in Florida, area homeowners still need to use hot water each and every day. A steady supply of hot water allows us to effectively clean clothes and dishes. Hot water also makes the shower and bath comfortable.

So, if your hot water is not working properly, it can be a real problem. When your water isn’t hot enough, just call the hot water heater experts at Bergau Plumbing. We can repair or replace your hot heater and can often offer same-day service.

Why does my Hot Water Heater stop working or even start leaking?

If your hot water runs out quickly, or it only produces warm water, it could be an incorrect setting on a thermostat, a defective thermostat, burned out heating elements, or a heavy build-up of sediment. Heating Elements can be replaced and hot water heaters can be flushed out, if there is sediment.

If your water heater is actually leaking, then you have a more serious problem. If the leak is coming from the top of the Hot Water Heater, this can sometimes be easily repaired. If the hot water heater is leaking from the bottom, there is generally a major problem and your hot water heater most likely needs to be replaced. Depending upon the make and model of your current hot water heater, it can last anywhere from 3 to 10 years, and the type of water in your area does have an effect on the life of the unit.

Bergau Plumbing installs A.O. Smith Hot Water Heaters and they come with a long-term warranty, installed. We also guarantee our labor on the installation, and our technicians are well qualified and professional. We offer competitive pricing and fast, dependable service. For new Hot Water Heater installations, we will disconnect and drain your old heater, install the new heater, and take away your old heater, so you don’t have to worry about it. Then you can start enjoying hot showers once again!

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

What are the advantages of using a tankless water heater?

Tankless Water Heaters are designed to heat water as you need it, which means that everyone in your family will be able to use hot water anytime on demand. How is this possible? Whenever somebody turns on the hot water faucet, the tankless water heater springs into action. Cold water flows into the heater and is instantly heated by brass waterways known as exchangers.

The result is endless hot water in a matter of seconds! The hot water temperature is set by you and will always remain the same, which should eliminate any incidences of burns or scalding water. When the members of your family are finished using the hot water, the tankless water heater will shut down until it is needed again. As you can imagine, this system is far more efficient than standard storage tank water heaters.

Tankless water heaters also last longer than storage tank water heaters. Why is this? Because water is not actually stored in a tankless heater, mineral build-up does not occur. This enables a tankless water heater to perform at the highest level for upwards of 20 years or more.

Schedule Hot Water Heater Repair & Inspection Services

If your water heater is not working properly, or if you want to upgrade to a tankless water heater, call the experts at Bergau Plumbing. We will be happy to help you schedule your testing, inspection or repair of your hot water heater in Cape Coral, Lee County, or Southwest Florida. Call us at 239-766-4170 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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We will be happy to help you schedule your testing, inspection or repair of your Hot Water Heater TODAY! Call us at 239-766-4170 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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We Fix Southwest Florida’s
Leaking Pipes and Toilets

When a pipe or toilet starts leaking, it’s not always easy to detect. In fact, a plumbing leak can go unnoticed for weeks, even months. While it’s easy to ignore small leaks, it’s never a good idea. After all, constantly running or dripping water can cause costly damage. For residents of Cape Coral and Lee County, the effects of mold and corrosion are accelerated, causing major damage in a relatively short amount of time.

Happily, there are signs to look for to detect leaks early. Once you notice any of these signs in your home or business, call the trusted experts at Bergau Plumbing.

Leaking Toilet Repair

While you might think it’s easy to detect a toilet leak, it’s not always so obvious. Listen for faucet noises, bubbling, or groaning sounds coming from pipes behind or beneath the toilet. In other cases, you may find small patches of water on the bathroom floor, even if they’re not near the toilet. Sometimes small amounts of water can move down the grooves between tiles and end up soaking a rug.

If you find your bathroom floor is becoming uneven, warped, or tiles seem to be misaligned, moisture from leaks may be pushing the flooring up. Water in floors can be a real issue in Cape Coral and Lee County. Call Bergau Plumbing for an evaluation.

And if you smell gas or sewer odors, you may have even bigger problems. Schedule an inspection as quickly as possible.

Leaky Faucet Repair

If you’re hearing a steady drip, your faucet has a leak. If you see rust or water puddles in your sink, around the faucet, or near the drain of your sink, tub, or shower, water is escaping and causing issues. Call Bergau to help you identify and repair the issue.

Higher water bills may also be a sign that water is leaking from your faucet (or in other parts of your home or business.) Bergau Plumbing can help you identify the issue and resolve it.

And as many residents of Southwest Florida already know, if you smell mold, sewer gas, or rotting food, you could have serious plumbing issues, and delays will only increase the associated damage. Call Bergau Plumbing and get it checked out immediately.

We Repair Water Leaks in Other Parts of Your Home or Busines

Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t the only areas that can experience leaks and water damage. Don’t forget to check the areas around your water heater tank. If you see puddles, moisture, raised tiles or flooring, hear dripping, or experience a drop in your hot water supply, you may have a leak. Get a professional to examine the area before the water causes serious damage to your home.

If your laundry room has a persistent musty or moldy odor, check for leaks. Look for small pools of water near or behind the washing machine. If your washing machine hose looks cracked, bulging, rusted, or loose, call a professional from Bergau to examine it.

A broken water line is one of the most dramatic plumbing issues. If your main water line cracks or breaks, you may notice an immediate spike in your water usage or even see damage to your property. Because water lines are located inside your walls or run under your home, you may not see signs of damage until it’s too late. To prevent issues, especially in older homes, it’s smart to schedule regular maintenance with your Bergau plumbing professional.

Free Estimates for Leaky Plumbing Problems

The Experts from Bergau Plumbing will be happy to help you schedule your inspection or repair of your toilet and leak-related issues today. Call us at 239-766-4170 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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We will be happy to help you schedule your inspection or repair of your toilet & leak related issues TODAY! Call us at 239-766-4170 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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