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Florida’s warm climate helps bacteria grow faster than in cooler northern climates. Therefore, chlorine is added to keep the water safe to drink, but the added chlorine combined with hydrogen sulfide and oxygen create a corrosive combination that can quickly affect copper pipe in a short period of time. Homes that are on well systems with high levels of sulfur are also another area of concern.

When you are experiencing problems with the water pipes in your Southwest Florida home, the experts at Bergau Plumbing can help you! We will come to your home and provide you with a FREE, no obligation, assessment and estimate.

You may need a full re-piping of your home using PEX plumbing. When you choose Bergau Plumbing, you’re guaranteed to get a top-quality re-piping. Our licensed plumbers replace all of the existing pipes with top-quality materials and our workmanship is guaranteed, as well as your satisfaction.

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In some cases, our service technicians may see that a re-pipe is not necessary. In those cases, our professionals will happily inform you of this, and provide you with an estimate for only the repairs needed to fix the problem. Bergau Plumbing technicians are experts in this area, and we offer fair pricing. Call Bergau Plumbing today for your free estimate 239-766-4170.

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