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Toilets can back up, leak, the insides can wear out and they do require maintenance. If you are having problems with your toilet, call the professionals at Bergau Plumbing (239) 574-6556

Leaky Pipes

When a pipe springs a leak, the situation can get out of control fast. You don’t want spraying water to wreak havoc and lead to huge repair bills. You want to act quickly to limit the damage while you’re arranging for a proper repair.

The main thing is, don’t panic. First, figure out where the leak is actually coming from. Then turn off the water supply to the leaking pipe (if you can). This may be at the main water supply valve itself. Not all leaks are visible, Hot or warm spots on the floor, soaked carpeting, ceilings, walls, or abnormally high water bills could be a sign of leaky pipes.

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